Belfast/Aldergrove EGAA BFS
Belfast International Airport is a major airport located 6 miles from Antrim and 11.5 NM northwest of Belfast in Northern Ireland. It was formerly known and is still referred to as Aldergrove Airport, after the village of the same name lying immediately to the west of the airport. Belfast International shares its runways with the Royal Air Force base RAF Aldergrove, which otherwise has its own facilities.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Belfast/Aldergrove
Latitude 54.65750122
Longitude -6.21582985
Elevation 268 ft

As there are no promulgated SIDs for Belfast Aldergrove, ATC will issue specific after departure instructions (typically a Radar heading or to a designated waypoint), prior to issuing take-off clearance. Pilots must not depart until these instructions have been given and acknowledged.

The standard routes for outbound aircraft are detailed below. Routes may be varied at ATC discretion according to the prevailing traffic conditions.

SE via L10 (FL 90 and Above)     LISBO - PEPOD - IOM

SE via L10 (FL 70 and Below)     LISBO - RINGA - SLYDA - IOM

S via P620                                  LISBO - NUMPI - NIMAT

N via P600                                  BLACA - TRN

For ATC purposes, outbound aircraft will normally be required to cross LISBO at or above altitude 4000 ft. Pilots who cannot comply with the necessary climb profile must inform ATC in good time (i.e. before departure) so that an alternative routing can be coordinated.


Belfast Aldergrove Departures via IOM – Speed Profile:

i. Traffic departing Belfast Aldergrove via IOM with a requested level of FL 290 or above, is required to cross KELLY at FL 290 or above. To ensure that these aircraft can achieve the required level by KELLY, speed restrictions are to be observed.

ii. All Belfast Aldergrove departures to the southeast via LISBO - (U)L10, with a requested flight level of FL 290 or above, are to fly in accordance with the following maximum speeds:

1. Jet Traffic with a MTOW greater than 35,000 kg Max 250 kt IAS until FL 100, then Max 290 kt IAS until FL 250;

2. Jet Traffic with a MTOW less than 35,000 kg and all non-jet traffic; Max 250 kt IAS until above FL250.

iii. Aircraft unable to reach FL 290 by KELLY must advise Belfast Aldergrove prior to push-back, giving the anticipated flight level at KELLY. Specific climb instructions will be issued by Scottish control.

There are no promulgated STARs for Belfast Aldergrove, however, several standard initial routes for inbound aircraft. These may be varied at the discretion of ATC for traffic reasons or to allow traffic to be sequenced by radar.

NE via P600                                    TRN - BLACA - BEL

SE via L10 (FL 80 and Above)         IOM - RINGA - BEL

SE via L10 (FL 60 and Below)         IOM - NELBO - BEL

SE via (U)P6 FL 250 amd Above)    REMSI - MASOP - NELBO - BEL

S via (U)N34                                   NEVRI - ABSUN - BEL

Pilots flying within 40 nm may wish to maintain a listening watch only on the Belfast Aldergrove Approach frequency (128.500 MHz). If they chose to do this, they should select transponder code 7045 in order to alert ATC to their presence.

Pilots squawking 7045 will receive no ATC service.

Aircraft displaying the code are not expected to contact ATC under normal circumstances, but remain responsible for their own navigation, separation, terrain clearance and are expected to remain clear of Controlled Airspace at all times.

When an aircraft ceases to maintain a listening watch or is no longer flying within 40 nm of Belfast Aldergrove, the pilot will deselect transponder code 7045.


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