VATSIM UK is led by the Division Director and is managed at a strategic level by the Division Staff Group comprised of the heads of each department. Department staff may be appointed that report to the relevant member of the DSG.

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Contact Staff / Department

Division Director (VATUK1)

Chris Pawley


Operations Director (VATUK9)


  Member Services

Member Services Director (VATUK3)

Tom Earl

Member Services Team

Member Services Assistant Adam Meade
Member Services Assistant Matthew Wilson
Member Services Assistant James Thomas
Member Services Assistant Luke Peters

Marketing Director (VATUK4)

Loui Ringer

Marketing Team

Marketing Manager Ben Wright
Media Manager Thomas Greer
  Web Services

Web Services Director (VATUK8)

Calum T╬┐wers

Web Services Team

Web Services Manager
Callum Axon
System Administrator Nathan Davies
Developer Alex Toff
Developer Andy Ford
Developer Daniel Plumb

Training Director (VATUK5)

Daniel Crookes

ATC Training Team

General Manager Oliver Rhodes
Division Instructor Phillip Speer
Division Instructor Chris Pawley
Division Instructor Henry Cleaver
Division Instructor Mike Pike
Division Instructor Jamie Paine
Division Instructor Lee Roberts
TG Instructor (New Controller) Ben Cook
TG Instructor (New Controller) Fergus Walsh
TG Instructor (TWR) George Peppard
TG Instructor (TWR) James Yuen
TG Instructor (TWR) Adam Farquharson
TG Instructor (APP) Oliver Gates
TG Instructor (APP) Charlie Watson
TG Instructor (APP) Jack Edwards
TG Instructor (Heathrow) Nathaniel Leff
TG Instructor (Enroute) Sebastian Rekdal

Pilot Training Team

General Manager Vacant
Initial Flight Instructor Matthew Wilson
VFR Flight Instructor Darren Hill
IFR Flight Instructor Freddie Charlesworth
  Other Roles

Division Conflict Resolution Manager Phillip Speer
Data Protection Officer Chris Pawley