S2 and S3 Visiting and Transfers on Hold

Please note we are not currently accepting any applications for visiting or transferring S2 and S3 controllers. This is due to changes in policies and while we redesign the training process for visiting and transferring controllers.

C1 visiting and transferring training materials are now completed and applications are now open. S1 and OBS rated members remain unaffected by this.

  Visiting & Transferring Pilots & Controllers

This page is ONLY for members that wish to transfer to or visit the United Kingdom.  If you wish to transfer or visit another region/division, you should apply directly to the team at the relevant region/division you wish to go to.

VATSIM UK welcomes controllers from other divisions who wish to control our diverse range of airfields and sectors. You only need to read this page if you are a home controller within a division that is not the UK, and want either to transfer to the United Kingdom as a controller, or visit the United Kingdom as either a controller/pilot.

Please note that:

Visiting Pilots

The United Kingdom Division is a well respected Authorised Training Organization providing some of the highest standards of training. Our mentors and examiners excel in training students to a high standard which allows us the maintain and improve our 89% pass rate over more than 300 exams.

VATSIM United Kingdom currently offers training for P1 rating. 

Apply as a visiting pilot

Visiting Controllers

Please note that as per section 5.3 of division policy, VATSIM UK does not accept visiting applications from S1 rated controllers, however you are welcome to apply for full transfer (see below).

Visiting controllers are able to select one of the Visiting Groups from the list (right) to visit. Visitors may also apply in a separate application for the Oceanic visiting group in addition to any of the other groups.

Apply as a visiting controller (including Oceanic - EGGX and Military)

Transferring Controllers

The route to transferring to the United Kingdom depends on the rating that you currently hold.

If you hold the rating of OBS

OBS Rated members do not need to fill in a full application and should not use the application system, instead raise a ticket to request the transfer by raising a ticket to the Community (membership) Visit/Transfer option within our helpdesk: 

Apply to transfer as an OBS rated member

If you do not hold the rating of OBS

There will be a single facility to transfer to called 'Transfer to the United Kingdom', please choose this and complete the application to proceed.  You will not be able to choose the specific facility that your initial ratification takes place on. 

Apply to transfer as an S1/S2/S3/C1/C3 rated controller

  Visiting Groups (ATC)

Aerodrome Visiting Group (ADC VG)

All UK TWR/GND/DEL positions with the exception of EGLL Military Aerodrome endorsement available on request.

Approach Visiting Group (APP VG)

All UK APP + ADC VG positions with the exception of EGLL Military Approach endorsement available on request.

Enroute Visiting Group (ENR VG)

All UK CTR + ADC VG + APP VG positions with the exception of LON_S including splits. Military Area endorsement available on request.

Oceanic Visiting Group (OCA VG)

Shanwick Oceanic Positions

Legacy Visiting Groups are listed in the Visiting and Transferring Controller Policy