The Operations Department has responsibility for creating, updating and maintaining software, documentation and other resources to support the Division Air Traffic Controllers.

Each AIRAC cycle (which occurs every 28 days), we release updates to the UK Sector File, UK Controller Pack and many items of documentation or parts of the website. In addition to this, we negotiate new cross-border procedures via Letters of Agreements (LoAs), propose and implement changes to ATC procedures domestically as well as support the other departments in the division in executing their jobs.

A large proportion of our work includes documenting the procedures for controllers into 'vMATS Part 2' (virtual Manual of Air Traffic Services) documents, or 'ACB' (Airfield Controller Briefs). These are published for Enroute sectors and Aerodromes in our community download center.

Most updates are posted via our Forum and notified in Discord. We encourage you to subscribe to our forum channels to receive emails when procedures change.