P1 (Online Pilot) Rating

Welcome to the P1 Private Pilots License course for fixed wing aircraft! The successful completion of this course will result in the issue of the VATSIM P1 PPL(A) pilot rating.

Throughout the course you will learn the fundamental theory and practical skills associated with operating a light aircraft. The course focuses on ‘stick and rudder’ skills backed up with the relevant theory with the aim of providing you with the how and the why!

The course is split into 3 sections: Theory Phase, Practical Phase, and a License Skills Test (LST).

  1. Theory Phase
    After the completion of each topic, you will be required to complete a quiz containing a number of questions for you to answer. The purpose of each quiz is to help you gauge your knowledge of the section that you have studied so that you can target areas for improvement.

    After you have completed all of the sections in a module you will sit an exam. This exam is graded and has a pass mark of 75%.

    Each module can be completed in any order and does not have to be completed in the order.

    After you have passed all 3 ‘end of module’ theory exams, submit a ticket here indicating that you have completed the P1 PPL(A) theory phase. This will allow us to make you ‘eligible’ for a training place.

    Once you have reached the top of our waiting list and have indicated to us that you have passed all 3 ‘end of module’ theory exams, we will issue you a training place when one becomes available.

  2. Practical Phase
    During the practical phase you will complete 22 practical lessons. These lessons are either one-to-one mentoring sessions or online video lessons.

    One-to-one mentoring sessions take place on the VATSIM UK TeamSpeak server which can be booked via the CTS.

    Online video lessons are marked in brackets with (Online) next to the lesson title. These lessons require you to read the associate briefing, watch the online video lesson, and then practise the contents of the lesson yourself. You are required to log onto the network with a pilot training callsign G-PTDA, G-PTDB... and log the flight on our smartCARS. The lesson can be booked via our exercises page here. Once you have completed the flight, simply submit the PIREP on the smartACARS client and your flight will be logged.

    The next lesson will come available when you have completed the previous lesson. One-to-one mentoring sessions will be marked as completed by your mentor, and online video lessons will be automatically marked as complete when you have read the briefing and watched the video for that lesson. Your lesson will be marked as completed even if you haven’t completed the flight on the network using our smartCARS client, but a mentor will check at the start of your next one-to-one lesson that all online lessons and associated PIREPs have been filed.

  3. License Skills Test
    Once you have completed the practical phase of the course you will complete a practical exam with an examiner. The details of the exam can be found in the Pilot Training Handbook.
  How To Enrol
You will need to be a member of VATSIM to sign up to our training courses.
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  I am a member of the UK division
  1. Express your interest here - you will then be added to the waiting list.
  2. Sign up to the P1 PPL(A) moodle course here.
  3. Complete Theory Modules one, two and three.
  4. Notify us here that you have completed the Theory Phase of the P1 PPL(A) moodle course.
  5. Sit tight! We will be in touch when a training place becomes available.
  I am not a member of the UK divison
  1. Apply to visit as a Pilot
  2. When your V/T application has been processed you will be contacted by the Pilot Training Team using our HelpDesk.
  3. You will either be added to the waiting list or you will be informed that your mentoring permissions have been assigned.
  4. Once your mentoring permissions have been assigned navigate to our Central Training System (CTS).
  5. Sign into the CTS using our SSO.
  6. Select the Students Drop down menu and navigate to Sessions > Managment
  7. Add a session request using the 'Request Session' drop down box, e.g P1_PPL(A) for the P1 Course
  8. Add availability to the system and ensure this is kept up to date.