Londonderry/Eglinton EGAE LDY
City of Derry Airport is an airport located 7 mi northeast of Derry, Northern Ireland. It is located on the south bank of Lough Foyle, a short distance from the village of Eglinton and 8 mi from the city centre.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Londonderry/Eglinton
Latitude 55.04280090
Longitude -7.16110992
Elevation 22 ft

Departing aircraft maintain the runway centerline until passing 3 DME EGT

Following completion of the noise abatement procedure, Runway 26 departing aircraft are permitted to enter the Eglinton CTA west under control of Eglinton ATC.

As there are no Radar facilities at Londonderry/Eglinton, a Procedural Service for inbound aircraft shall be applied (i. e. There is no Radar Vectoring Available)

Pilots should be familiar with the concept of a Procedural Service and flying Procedural Instrument Approaches.

All instrument approaches are published in the UK AIP - Londonderry/Eglinton Instrument Approaches

Circuit Directions and Height

Runway 08; 1000 ft for LH and 1200 ft for RH. Runway 26; 1200 ft for LH and 1000 ft for RH.

(QFE = QNH - 1mb)

Flights using Londonderry/Eglinton Airport under VFR must be prepared to route via VRPs and to route clear of instrument approaches if so instructed by ATC. ATC may request that inbound and outbound aircraft follow the following visual routes:

i. Dungiven - Claudy - Londonderry/Eglinton
ii. Moville - Carrowkeel - Londonderry/Eglinton

Additional Information

In calm wind conditions Runway 08 is the preferred departure runway and Runway 26 is the preferred arrival runway.


Navigation Aids
Type Identifier Frequency
NDB EGT 328.500 KHz
ILS 08 I-EGT 108.300 MHz
ILS 26 I-EGT 108.300 MHz
Runway Mag. Bearing Dimensions Surface Type
26 258° 1969m x 45m Asphalt
08 078° 1969m x 45m Asphalt
ATC Stations
Callsign Name Frequency
EGAE_APP Eglinton Approach 123.620
EGAE_TWR Eglinton Tower 134.150

Online Controllers
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