Manchester EGCC MAN
Manchester International Airport is a major airport located at Ringway in the City of Manchester within Greater Manchester, UK. In 2010 it was 4th busiest airport in the United Kingdom in terms of passenger numbers and the busiest airport in the UK outside the London region. It was also the 3rd busiest UK airport in terms of total aircraft movements, and the 24th busiest airport in Europe.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Manchester
Latitude 53.35369873
Longitude -2.27495003
Elevation 257 ft

All departing IFR aircraft must file a SID in their flight plans. Controllers will NOT release aircraft for departure unless a SID has been issued. In order to maintain accuracy of information and reduce time spent updating detailed information on UK webpages, all information required for SID procedures should be obtained from the latest charts:

UK Aeronautical Information Package (AIP)

Pilots should note that only the FINAL SID fix should be inserted into a flight plan. For example a flight from Manchester to Edinburgh should start with POL only. Pilots should NOT put a designator such as POL5R as this information will always be provided to you by the controller subject to the current runway in use.

  1. Arrivals into Manchester are required to file a STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Routing)
  2. The STARS that come via DALEY, aren't permitted on VATSIM UK as they're only used when the Manchester (MCT) VOR is out of service.
  3. Aircraft are permitted to cross the SLP's (Speed Limit Points) at 250KIAS unless instructed by Air Traffic Control. Pilots are reminded that it is not mandatory to file a STAR designator in your flight plan e.g MIRSI1B. The initial fix on a STAR is usually where the flight plan comes to an end.  E.g. A flight from London Heathrow to Manchester, the last way point in the flight plan will be the TNT VOR leading to the DAYNE2A arrival which will be confirmed by ATC.

For the latest STAR information and procedures, please refer to the latest charts:

UK Aeronautical Information Package (AIP)

 VFR and Special VFR Flights Special VFR clearances for flights within the Manchester Control Zone may be requested and will only be given when traffic conditions permit. These flights are subject to the general conditions for SVFR flight. The Special VFR clearance will normally be issued to aircraft wishing to fly to / from an airfield within the Manchester Control Zone, or those aircraft requesting to transit the zone at lower levels. Standard VFR clearances will be given for aircraft flying VMC within the Control Zone. Routing instructions and / or altitude restrictions may be imposed in order to integrate the VFR traffic with the IFR arrivals and departures. Pilots must notify ATC if unable to comply with any ATC clearances or instructions.

VFR and Special VFR routes to and from Manchester in order to integrate the VFR and SVFR flights to / from EGCC with the normal flow of IFR traffic, a number of Standard Routes have been established along which VFR and SVFR clearances will be issued. Pilots are asked to acquaint themselves with these routes to help reduce R/T. These are detailed and again, the most accurate and up to date information can be found on the AIP. The Low Level Corridor is a special corridor created to allowing VFR aircraft to transit across Class D airspace between Manchester and Liverpool. The best way to view the Low Level Corridor is via the AIP pages. This allows VFR aircraft to navigate through Class D airspace missing some of the normal requirements. Some factors to know;  

1. The low level corridor is 4nm wide. 

2. Aircraft must remain clear of cloud and in sight of the ground.

3. Maximum altitude is 1300ft on the Manchester QNH.

4. Minimum flight visibility of 4km.

5. Flights must be transitting the zone or proceeding to or from and aerodrome within the Manchester CTR.

6. Flights using the corridor are responsible for their own separation.

7. Flights have no need to call EGCC_S_APP. Those unfamiliar with the airspace may do so. Those simply transitting are at a bare minimum advised to ensure they are tuned to EGCC_S_APP.

UK Aeronautical Information Package (AIP)


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