Bournemouth EGHH BOH
Bournemouth Airport (IATA: BOH, ICAO: EGHH) (previously known as Hurn Airport and Bournemouth International Airport) is an airport located 3.5 NM (6.5 km; 4.0 mi)[1] north-northeast of Bournemouth, in southern England. Bournemouth Airport opened as RAF Hurn in 1941 and began commercial services in the late 1950s, with Palmair commencing flights to Majorca in October 1958.
Subsequently Ryanair and Thomson Airways based aircraft at the airport, with scheduled flights now frequently serving Western Europe and the Mediterranean area, with charter and seasonal services serving North Africa, North America and the Caribbean.[4] Passenger numbers peaked in 2007 when just over 1 million passed through the airport, however had fallen to around 610,000 in 2011.
On 25 November 2008, Bournemouth Airport was ranked best airport in the United Kingdom and 3rd best in the world, after Singapore Changi Airport and Hong Kong International Airport, by the Daily Telegraph Travel Awards.[5][6]
Bournemouth Airport has a CAA Public Use Aerodrome Licence (number P736) that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction. Ryanair and Thomson Airways remain the primary users of the airport. Bournemouth Airport is owned and operated by the Manchester Airports Group (MAG), the largest British airport operator.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Bournemouth
Latitude 50.77999878
Longitude -1.84249997
Elevation 38 ft

Departure clearances from Bournemouth will be in the form of an airways joining clearance usually given in two parts. Your initial airways clearance and later your after departure instructions:

Initial Airways Clearance - "EZY83p, Cleared Manchester via the Q41 airway. Initial climb FL70, Squawk 1234."

After Departure Instructions - "SHT18H, Hold Position. After departure, fly runway heading."

Pilots should note that their initial ‘after departure’ instruction issued may contain a waypoint or heading that is not the first waypoint contained in their flightplan.


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