Jersey Airport serves the largest of the Channel Islands and provides a runway suitable for international flights from the island.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Jersey
Latitude 49.207901
Longitude -2.19550991
Elevation 277 ft

IFR Airways Departures

All IFR departures should expect their clearance to be issued on stand prior to pushback, and should plan to route via the assigned Standard Instrument Departure (SID). If pilots are unable to comply with the requirements of the SID, they must inform ATC as soon as possible so that an alternative clearance may be issued.

If online, all IFR departures should expect a frequency change to 125.200 MHz "Jersey Zone" after departure. Report callsign, SID Designator, current level and cleared level on first contact with "Jersey Zone". En-route cruising levels will be allocated after take-off by "Jersey Zone".

Inter-Island IFR

Inter-Island IFR aircraft can expect a clearance on start-up, which may be revised prior to departure subject to traffic requirements. If Online, a frequency change to "Jersey Approach" should be expected after departure.

IFR Airways Arrivals

All IFR Arrivals will be handled by "Jersey Zone" (EGJJ_Z_APP) on 125.200 MHz, when online. Pilots should contact Jersey Zone approaching: SKERY, ORTAC, BEVAV, LERAK, MINQI, KOKOS, TUNIT, LELNA or BIGNO on the arrival route; plan to be no higher than FL200 by those waypoints. Initial descent into the island will be handled by Jersey Zone before a transfer to Jersey Approach if online for final vectoring; all arrivals should expect an ILS Approach unless communicated otherwise by the approach controller.

Most GA aircraft will be parked on the grass parking area opposite the Aero Club. Engine start approval must be sought from ATC prior to engine-start. Inter-island or those flights leaving the Channel Islands CTA shall expect an Special VFR clearance and will be issued with a transponder code for identification purposes.

VFR flights planning on remaining within the Jersey CTR are advised to  conduct as much of their flight as possible over the sea for noise abatement purposes. All aircraft departing runway 27 and routing south of the airport VFR should climb straight ahead to 500ft aal before turning left to depart overflying Corbiere Lighthouse.

Aircraft operating in accordance with Special VFR will normally be cleared via the published VRPs or on tracks to/from adjacent aerodromes or navigation aids, or as per flight planned route.

Pilots flying between Jersey and the UK South Coast (Bournemouth, Southampton, Isle of Wight areas), should expect to route via the west of Cap de la Hague VRP unless wishing to use the recommended VFR route from the Solent CTA

Additional Information

Visual Circuits

All visual circuits are to be conducted to the south of the aerodrome as much over the sea as possible for noise abatement purposes, at a minimum height of 1000ft QFE.


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