London Gatwick EGKK LGW
London Gatwick Airport (IATA: LGW, ICAO: EGKK), situated to the 29.5 miles south of Central London, is the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom in terms of passenger numbers and operates the busiest runway in the world. Gatwick maintains these standards on the network too, being the second busiest airport on the network with over 37000 movements in 2015 alone!
Current METAR
Key Details
Name London Gatwick
Latitude 51.14810181
Longitude -0.19027799
Elevation 202 ft

Requesting Clearance

Upon first contact with Gatwick, aircraft should report the following: stand number, aircraft type, QNH and ATIS information (if online).

“ABC123, stand 554, information A, type A319, QNH 1013, request clearance to Amsterdam.”

Initial Climb

Due to interaction with other departure routings within the London TMA, especially those of London/Heathrow, pilots are reminded to strictly conform to the climb restrictions on their assigned departure routing, and not to climb above the stated altitude unless instructed by ATC. If in doubt, ask ATC. Climb profiles are specified on all departure charts.

Departure Restrictions

Departures via BIG are only available for flights to Heathrow (EGLL) or Northolt (EGWU). BOGNA/HARDY departures are only available between 0600-2300 local time, of which outside these times SFD departures should be used.

Flights to North America should plan via either Lambourne (LAM) or Southampton (SAM) – KENET is only available for departures to the South West and Ireland.

Positioning Flights

Flights to London City and Biggin Hill should file: DET DCT GODLU and will be given a CLN departure terminating at DET.

Departures to Essex (Luton, Stansted, Cambridge) should file via DET and will also be given a CLN terminating at DET before joining the ABBOT1E STAR.

First Contact after departure

On initial contact with London Control (when airborne) report your departure, and your passing & cleared altitudes. 
e.g. "London Control, ABC123, LAM2X departure, passing altitude 3100 feet, climbing to altitude 5000 feet."


Aircraft should file a flight plan that terminates at one of the STAR fixes detailed in the table below, and before reaching the final fix shall be assigned a STAR by ATC. Pilots should inform ATC if they are unable to accept the STAR as soon as practicable. 

STARs via LUMBA (for use when the MID VOR is unserviceable) and ASTRA (for use when the MAY VOR is unserviceable) should not be used on VATSIM, as VORs do not become unserviceable.


RNAV arrivals from the east (TIMBA1J/3F/1K) and some from the south (TIMBA4B/2G) inbound TIMBA were introduced for AIRAC 1602. Pilots unable to accept these due to outdated AIRAC data should inform ATC in a timely manner.

RNAV Approaches

Requests for an RNAV approach should be made on first contact with Gatwick Director.

First Contact with Gatwick Director

Upon first contact with Gatwick Director, aircraft should report their cleared level, aircraft type, ATIS information on board and their routing.

“Gatwick Director, ABC123, descending flight level 80 to TIMBA, Boeing 737, information A”



Gatwick is surrounded by Class D airspace, therefore (S)VFR aircraft shall be in receipt of a valid clearance before entering the Gatwick Control Zone (Class D airspace). Pilots should state in their flight plan the point that they wish to enter/leave controlled airspace. Pilots should use VRPs as displayed on appropriate AIP chart.


At Gatwick, circuits are conducted to the north of the aerodrome at an altitude of 1200ft or 1000ft on the QFE. Circuit traffic will be given the squawk of 7010.


VFR departures shall be cleared out of the control zone using a VRP deemed appropriate by the active controller based on your planned direction.


Aircraft wishing to enter Gatwick controlled airspace should call Gatwick Director (126.825) at least 5 minutes prior to zone entry. Pilots should expect a clearance via an appropriate VRP.


For helicopters wishing to land at Gatwick or transit over the airfield, two VRPs have been established. These are defined as Gatwick Airport North Terminal, and the Southern Maintenance Area. There is no dedicated helicopter alighting area at Gatwick, therefore arriving or departing helicopters use the main runway in use. Departing VFR helicopters will follow the same procedures as fixed wing departures.

Additional Information

Scenery and Charts

Charts are available in the UK AIP.


Online Controllers
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