London City EGLC LCY
Located 6nm east of London, London City airport serves the financial district - handling 2.8 million passengers annually. In order to negotiate the limited space and large buildings nearby - the runway features the steepest glideslope in the UK, which together with a 1500m runway creates a challenging approach for pilots of all aircraft.

Neighbourhood pressures together with the unique approach requirements severly limit the aircraft types which can operate into the airport - which also requires specifically qualified crews in order to ensure safe operations.

All of the stands face nose out - which negates the need for pushback from the terminal. The airport also features a jet centre at the western end - this plays host to the numerous business jets which visit the airport. Operations face restricted hours in a week - and the weekend sees the airport closingdown for 24 from the middle of Saturday onwards.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name London City
Latitude 51.50529900
Longitude 0.05527800
Elevation 19 ft
All IFR traffic joining the airways should file a routing to utilise standard instrument departures (SIDs). These routings assist air traffic controllers to avoid conflicts with the other London aerodromes. The routings and climb profiles also assist aircraft in avoiding large obstacles close to the aerodrome and noise sensitive communities local to the aerodrome. All SIDs level at altitude 3000ft due to interaction with Heathrow arrivals one thousand feet above within the departure corridor. Notes: Traffic positioning to Gatwick should use the LYD departure. Traffic positioning to Stansted & Luton should use the CLN departure.
Arrivals will generally be allocated one of the standard terminal arrival routings (STARs) towards one of two holding fixes (SPEAR or ALKIN). SPEAR is East of the field and is used for all arrivals from the West, North and East. The hold at SPEAR has an inbound course of 195', right hand turns, one minute legs. Levels available are 4000ft at lowest and FL70 as the highest. ALKIN is south of the field and is used for arrivals from the South. The hold at ALKIN has a 241' inbound course, right hand turns and one minute legs. The hold has (only) two available levels - 3000 and 4000 feet.


Navigation Aids
Type Identifier Frequency
NDB LCY 322.000 KHz On AD. Range 10nm. Avail 24H
DME ILST 111.150 MHz On AD. Paired with ILST / ILSR. Zero indicates at
ILS RWY09 I-LST 111.150 MHz 5.5' datum height 35ft. Due to terrain, front cour
ILS RWY27 I-LSR 111.150 MHz Not to be used outside of 30' left of centreline (
Runway Mag. Bearing Dimensions Surface Type
09 092° 1508m x 30m Concrete
27 272° 1508m x 30m Concrete
ATC Stations
Callsign Name Frequency
LON_CTR London Control 123.900
LON_SC_CTR London Control 132.600
LON_S_CTR London Control 129.420
EGLC_APP City Radar 128.020
THAMES_APP Thames Radar 132.700
EGLC_TWR City Tower 118.070
EGLC_GND City Ground 121.820
EGLC_ATIS City Information 129.450
Standard Instrument Departures
Identifier Runway Initial Altitude
BPK5T 27 3000ft
CLN7T 27 3000ft
CLN7U 27 3000ft
CPT6T 27 3000ft
DVT5T 27 3000ft
LYD5T 27 3000ft
SAM6T 27 3000ft
BPK5U 09 3000ft
CPT6U 09 3000ft
DVR5U 09 3000ft
LYD5U 09 3000ft
SAM6U 09 3000ft
Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
Identifier Initial Fix
ALKIN3C Descend planning: FL80 by SANDY, 4000ft by DET
ALKIN3D Descend planning: FL80 by SANDY, 4000ft by DET
ALKIN3F Descend planning: FL80 by SANDY, 4000ft by DET
SPEAR1A For flight planning: FL140 D10 before KENET. 5000ft by SPEAR
SPEAR1B Descend planning: FL220 30D before LOGAN, FL120 by LOGAN, FL70 by TRIPO, 5000ft by SPEAR
SPEAR1H FL190 or below. Descend planning: FL150 by CLIPY. 5000ft by SPEAR
SPEAR1J FL140 or below. Descend planning: 5000ft by SPEAR
SPEAR1K For use if filled cruise is FL070. 5000ft by SPEAR
SPEAR1L FL200 or above. Descend planning: FL200 by ROGBI. FL150 by CLIPY. 5000ft by SPEAR
SPEAR1M FL150 or above. Descend planning: FL200 by ROGBI. FL150 by CLIPY. 5000ft by SPEAR

Online Controllers
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Online Pilots
Callsign Aircraft Pilot Origin Destination Connected
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