London Heathrow EGLL LHR
London Heathrow Airport (IATA: LHR, ICAO: EGLL), situated 12 miles west of Central London, is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom, the busiest airport in Europe and the fifth busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic. This hub of activity is reflected on the network by the huge number of movements each year. In 2014, the virtual Heathrow had over 41,000 movements, the largest number on the network. Again Heathrow has come out on top in terms of movements in 2015 with over 48,000 flights in and out of the busiest* (in terms of movements) airport on the VATSIM network. * Correct as of December 2015
Current METAR
Key Details
Name London Heathrow
Latitude 51.47060000
Longitude -0.46194100
Elevation 83 ft

Pilot Operations Guide

The Heathrow Pilot Operations Guide (which is for both departures and arrivals) has been updated HERE.

Initial Climb

ALL DEPARTURES Climb to altitude 6000 feet on departure. Do not climb above altitude 6000 feet until instructed to do so.

First Contact after Departure

On initial contact with London Control (when airborne) report your departure, and your passing & cleared altitudes. 
e.g. "London Control, ABC123, BUZAD4J departure, passing altitude 3500 feet, climbing to altitude 6000 feet."

Gatwick Positioning Flights

Aircraft routing from London Heathrow (EGLL) to London Gatwick (EGKK) should file via the Midhurst (MID) departure. The MAY departure is not available for use.

First Contact with Heathrow APP

On initial contact with Heathrow Director (EGLL_N_APP or EGLL_S_APP), report your cleared level, routing (ie. which VOR), aircraft type, and received ATIS information.
e.g. "Heathrow Director, ABC123, descending flight level 80 to Bovingdon, Airbus 3-2-0, information Golf."

RNAV Z Approaches

As of 20th August 2015 (AIRAC 1509), pilots are to now request and expect the renamed RNAV approaches.

[TRIAL] RNAV Y Approaches

As of 17th August 2015 until notified by NOTAM, RNAV Y trial approaches may be flown by pilots on request. Trial procedures are not implemented as standard procedure on the network.

Charts referenced are available HERE.

Inner Area / Permitted Aircraft

Only VFR / SVFR helicopters will be permitted to enter the Inner Area, as depicted in AD 2-EGLL-3-1. Fixed wing aircraft will not be permitted to enter this area at any time.

(Special) VFR Minima

VFR flights are permitted within the London Control Zone (CTR) provided that the Heathrow reported visibility is at least 5KM, and the reported cloud ceiling is 1500ft or greater. When these conditions do not exist, rotary aircraft will be cleared as Special VFR, provided that the visibility is at least 2KM and the cloud ceiling is 600ft or greater.

Further Procedure Details

Full procedures for rotary aircraft operations including transiting the airfield are available in AD 2-EGLL-1 (Textual Data) Section 2.20 Local Traffic Regulations, sub-section 5 'Helicopter Operations'.

Additional Information

Runway Alternation

Runway Alternation Document for 2020.

When westerlies are in operation, a runway change can be expected at 1500 LOCAL.
(Please note, when in easterly operations there is no runway alternation - 09L is used for arrivals and 09R for departures)

Scenery and Charts

Heathrow controllers are now using the layout that reflects the new UK2000 Scenery V3 and the latest Aerosoft Mega Airport Heathrow.

For all pilots who use "UK2000 Xtreme Scenery Version 2" - USE THIS CHART
THIS CHART shows the runway 27L hold area in more depth, mainly for previous versions of Aerosoft Mega Airport Heathrow.
For all pilots who use "UK2000 Xtreme Scenery Version 3" - USE THIS CHART


Navigation Aids
Type Identifier Frequency
VOR/DME LON 113.600 MHz
ILS RWY09L I-AA 110.300 MHz
ILS RWY09R I-BB 109.500 MHz
ILS RWY27L I-LL 109.500 MHz
ILS RWY27R I-RR 110.300 MHz
Runway Mag. Bearing Dimensions Surface Type
27R 270° 3901m x 50m Asphalt
27L 270° 3660m x 50m Asphalt
09L 090° 3901m x 50m Asphalt
09R 090° 3660m x 50m Asphalt
ATC Stations
Callsign Name Frequency
LON_CTR London Control 123.900
LON_SC_CTR London Control 132.600
LON_C_CTR London Control 127.100
LON_S_CTR London Control 129.420
EGLL_N_APP Heathrow Director 119.725
EGLL_F_APP Heathrow Director 120.400
EGLL_S_APP Heathrow Director 134.975
EGLL_S_TWR Heathrow Tower 118.500
EGLL_N_TWR Heathrow Tower 118.700
EGLL_1_GND Heathrow Ground 121.900
EGLL_2_GND Heathrow Ground 121.700
EGLL_3_GND Heathrow Ground 121.850
EGLL_DEL Heathrow Delivery 121.975
EGLL_ATIS Heathrow Information 128.075
Standard Instrument Departures
Identifier Runway Initial Altitude
BPK6J 09R 6000ft Routing to CLN - Q295 CLN
CPT 09R 6000ft A 'standard heading' clearance will be issued for 09R.
DET1J 09R 6000ft Routing to DVR - L6 DVR
GASGU2J 09R 6000ft Routing to SAM - N866 SAM
MAY2J 09R 6000ft Not for flightplanning - USE MID INSTEAD.
MODMI1J 09R 6000ft
ULTIB1J 09R 6000ft Routing to TNT - T420 TNT
BPK7F 27R 6000ft Routing to CLN - Q295 CLN
CPT3F 27R 6000ft
DET2F 27R 6000ft Routing to DVR - L6 DVR
GOGSI2F 27R 6000ft Routing to SAM - N621 SAM
MAXIT1F 27R 6000ft
MAY3F 27R 6000ft Not for flightplanning - USE MID INSTEAD.
UMLAT1F 27R 6000ft Routing to TNT - T418 WELIN T420 TNT
WOBUN3F 27R 6000ft Routing to TNT - DCT WELIN T420 TNT
BPK7G 27L 6000ft Routing to CLN - Q295 CLN
CPT3G 27L 6000ft
DET2G 27L 6000ft Routing to DVR - L6 DVR
GOGSI2G 27L 6000ft Routing to SAM - N621 SAM
MAXIT1G 27L 6000ft
MAY2G 27L 6000ft Not for flightplanning - USE MID INSTEAD.
UMLAT1G 27L 6000ft Routing to TNT - T418 WELIN T420 TNT
WOBUN3G 27L 6000ft Routing to TNT - DCT WELIN T420 TNT
ULTIB1K 09L 6000ft Routing to TNT - T420 TNT
Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
Identifier Initial Fix
BIG1E LOGAN Not for flightplanning - USE LAM3A INSTEAD.
BIG1F SANDY Low level arrivals, FL90 and below ONLY.
BIG1G OCK Not for flightplanning - ATC issued only (stack swap).
BIG3D LAM Not for flightplanning - ATC issued only (stack swap).
BNN1C DTY Low level arrivals, FL70 and below ONLY.
BNN1D KENET Not for flightplanning - USE OCK1A INSTEAD.
BNN1E LAM Not for flightplanning - ATC issued only (stack swap).
LAM3A LOGAN FL250 by LOGAN (if RFL >=FL300). FL240 by LOGAN (if RFL <=FL290). FL150 by SABER.
OCK1A KENET FL140 by 40NM before OCK VOR
OCK1D HON Not for flightplanning - USE BNN4A INSTEAD.
OCK1G BIG Not for flightplanning - ATC issued only (stack swap).
OCK1H LAM Not for flightplanning - ATC issued only (stack swap).
OCK2C SAM Low level arrivals, FL100 and below ONLY.
OCK3E BILNI FL270 by 15NM before BILNI. FL180 by KUMIL. FL130 by HAZEL.

Online Controllers
Position Controller Frequency Connected
LON_C_CTR Daniel Button 127.100 44 minutes ago
LON_CTR Jonas Hey 127.820 3 hours ago
EGLL_N_APP Alex Ashley 119.720 56 minutes ago
Online Pilots
Callsign Aircraft Pilot Origin Destination Connected
No Pilots Flying Here
Stand Status
122 Free
139 Free
141 Free
216 Free
217 Free
218 Free
218L Free
218R Free
219 Free
220 Free
221 Free
221L Free
221R Free
223 Occupied by EIN177
224 Free
225 Free
226 Free
231 Free
232 Occupied by UAL8298
233 Free
233L Free
233R Free
236 Free
236L Free
236R Free
238 Free
239 Free
241 Free
242 Free
243 Occupied by ANZ2
243L Occupied by ANZ2
243R Occupied by ANZ2
244 Free
246 Free
246L Free
246R Free
247 Free
247L Free
247R Free
248 Free
249 Free
251 Free
252 Free
253 Free
253L Free
253R Free
254 Free
254L Free
254R Free
255 Free
256 Free
257 Free
258 Free
258L Free
258R Free
301 Free
303 Free
303L Free
303R Free
305 Free
305L Free
305R Free
307 Free
309 Free
311 Free
313 Free
316 Free
317 Free
318 Free
319 Free
320 Free
321 Free
322 Free
323 Free
325 Free
326 Free
327 Free
328 Free
329 Free
330 Free
331 Free
332 Free
334 Free
335 Free
336 Free
340 Free
340L Free
340R Free
342 Free
351 Free
353 Free
355 Free
363 Free
364 Free
365 Free
401 Free
402 Free
403 Free
405 Free
406 Free
407 Free
408 Free
409 Free
410 Free
411 Free
412 Free
414 Free
415 Free
416 Free
417 Free
419 Free
420 Free
421 Free
422 Free
423 Free
424 Free
425 Free
429 Free
430 Free
431 Occupied by N376S
432 Free
440 Free
441 Free
449 Free
450 Free
451 Free
452 Free
453 Occupied by FSX7RA
454 Free
455 Free
456 Free
461 Free
601 Free
602 Free
603 Free
604 Free
605 Free
606 Free
607 Free
608 Free
609 Free
611 Free
612 Free
613 Free
614 Free
615 Free
616 Free
HAP Free
501 Free
502 Free
503 Free
505 Free
506 Free
507 Free
508 Free
509 Free
511 Free
512 Free
513 Free
514 Free
515 Occupied by BAW696V
516 Free
517 Free
518 Free
519 Occupied by BAW830
520 Free
521 Free
522 Free
523 Free
524 Free
525 Free
526 Free
527 Free
531 Free
532 Free
533 Free
534 Free
535 Free
536 Free
537 Free
538 Free
539 Free
541 Occupied by BAW753
542 Free
543 Free
544 Free
544L Free
544R Free
545 Free
545L Free
545R Free
546 Free
546L Free
546R Free
547 Free
547L Free
547R Free
548 Free
548L Free
548R Free
551 Free
552 Free
553 Free
554 Free
555 Occupied by BAW442
556 Free
557 Free
558 Free
561 Free
562 Free
563 Free
564 Occupied by BAW243
565 Free
566 Occupied by BAW324
567 Free
568 Free
572 Free
573 Free
575 Free
576 Free
581 Free
582 Free
583 Free
590 Occupied by W9154
591 Free
592 Free
594 Free
595 Free
596 Free