Blackpool EGNH BLK
Blackpool International Airport (IATA: BLK, ICAO: EGNH) is an international airport on the Fylde coast of Lancashire, England, in the Borough of Fylde, just outside the Borough of Blackpool. It was formerly known as Squires Gate Airport.

Blackpool Airport Limited has a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Public Use Aerodrome Licence (Number P724) that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction. By the number of passengers handled in 2012, Blackpool remains the 32nd busiest in the UK. Passenger numbers have remained virtually the same over the past two years from 235,340 in 2010 to 235,238 in 2012.

Several scheduled airlines operate from the airport, as well as charter holiday flights in the summer months. Executive flights are operated by Hangar 3 and they provide access to a private aircraft hangar and private aircraft management. Helicopter operations serve the offshore oil and gas facilities in the Irish Sea. This service is operated by Bond Offshore Helicopters which uses two Eurocopter AS365N3 Dauphin helicopters from a purpose built helicopter terminal facility. Blackpool Airport is also home to the North West Air Ambulance service operated by a twin-engined Eurocopter EC 135 registered as G-NWAA.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Blackpool
Latitude 53.77170181
Longitude -3.02860999
Elevation 34 ft

IFR Routings

Outbound to:

  • N864: via ESTRY DCT WAL
  • Scottish TMA: via RIBEL/GASKO

IFR Routings

Inbound from:

  • N864: via WAL (Wallesy)
  • DTY CTA: via POL (Pole Hill)
  • Scottish TMA: via DCS (Dean Cross)

Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP) are established outside of controlled airspace.


Navigation Aids
Type Identifier Frequency
NDB BPL 318.000 KHz
ILS RWY28 I-BPL 108.150 MHz
Runway Mag. Bearing Dimensions Surface Type
10 098° 1869m x 46m Asphalt
28 278° 1869m x 46m Asphalt
31 310° 1004m x 23m Asphalt
13 310° 1004m x 23m Asphalt
ATC Stations
Callsign Name Frequency
LON_CTR London Control 123.900
SCO_R_CTR Scottish Control 129.100
LON_N_CTR London Control 133.700
EGNH_TWR Blackpool Tower 118.400
EGNH_ATIS Blackpool Information 127.200

Online Controllers
Position Controller Frequency Connected
No Controllers Online
Online Pilots
Callsign Aircraft Pilot Origin Destination Connected
No Pilots Flying Here