Aberdeen EGPD ABZ
Aberdeen Airport is an International Airport located at Dyce, 5 NM northwest from Abderdeen City Centre.

The airport was opened in 1934 with the aim of connecting the Scottish Islands with London and during World War II was a strategic RAF Base.

The airfield was the second busiest airport in Scotland, behind Edinburgh and sixth busiest in the UK in 2010.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Aberdeen
Latitude 57.20190048
Longitude -2.19777989
Elevation 215 ft

Departure clearances from Aberdeen will be in the form of an airways joining clearance usually given in two parts. Your initial airways clearance and later your after departure instructions:

Initial Airways Clearance - "SHT18H, Cleared London Heathrow via the UP600 airway. Initial climb FL110, Squawk 5412."

After Departure Instructions - "SHT18H, Hold Position. After departure, standard noise DCT GLESK."

Pilots should note that their initial ‘after departure’ instruction issued may contain a waypoint or heading that is not the first waypoint contained in their flightplan.



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