Glasgow EGPF GLA
Glasgow International Airport (Port-adhair Eadar-nàiseanta Ghlaschu) is an international airport in Scotland, located 6nm West of Glasgow City Centre. Glasgow Airport was first opened in 1966 and originally only facilatated flights to other places in the United Kingdom and Europe. The British Airports Authority (BAA) took control of the airport in 1975 and when BAA was privatised in the 1980s, Glasgow Airport began to offer flights to other places around the world, flights which were previously facilitated by Glasgow Prestwick Airport.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Glasgow
Latitude 55.87189865
Longitude -4.43306017
Elevation 26 ft

On departure aircraft are to report Callsign, SID Designator, Passing Altitude and Cleared Altitude/Level on first contact with "Scottish Control" All standard instrument departures climb initially to altitude 6,000ft, Glasgow QNH.

Ground Movement

No aircraft heavier than 30,000 kgs (Maximum Certificated Takeoff Weight) is permitted to use Taxiway C. This restriction equates to roughly BAe146 series 100, Fokker 100, Saab 2000 or BAeATP size aircraft. (Those listed types are permitted on Taxiway C).

Any aircraft (code A to E inclusive) may exit runway 05 via A1, B1 or E1.

Any aircraft (code A to E inclusive) may exit runway 23 via A1, B1, D1, E1, F1 or G1.

Only aircraft up to 30,000kg MTWA can exit or enter Runway 05/23 via C1 (no larger than BAe146, F100, BAe ATP and S2000)

Stand 30 is preferred for pilots starting at EGPF flying heavy aircraft.

Aircraft wishing to enter the CTR or TMA under IFR direct from the FIR must observe the normal procedure for joining Controlled Airspace. For aircraft joining from the West a Reporting Point ROBBO (GOW RDL 281°/16 nm) is established at the TMA Boundary and pilots should anticipate joining clearance via this point.


Navigation Aids
Type Identifier Frequency
VOR GOW 115.400 MHz
NDB GLW 331.000 KHz
ILS 05 I-UU 110.100 MHz
ILS 23 I-OO 110.100 MHz
DME I-UU 110.100 MHz Paired with ILS I-UU and I-OO
Runway Mag. Bearing Dimensions Surface Type
23 230° 2665m x 46m Asphalt
05 050° 2665m x 46m Asphalt
ATC Stations
Callsign Name Frequency
SCO_CTR Scottish Control 135.520
EGPF_APP Glasgow Radar 119.100
EGPF_F_APP Glasgow Director 128.750
EGPF_TWR Glasgow Tower 118.800
EGPF_GND Glasgow Ground 121.700
EGPF_ATIS Glasgow Information 125.970
Standard Instrument Departures
Identifier Runway Initial Altitude
CLYDE3A 23 6000ft
FOYLE3A 23 6000ft
LOMON3A 23 6000ft
LUSIV1A 23 6000ft Non-Jet Aircraft Only
NORBO1H 23 6000ft Jet Aircraft Only
PTH4A 23 6000ft
ROBBO2A 23 6000ft
TLA5A 23 6000ft NON-JET Aircraft Only
TRN3A 23 6000ft Non-Jet Aircraft Only
CLYDE3B 05 6000ft
FOYLE3B 05 6000ft
LOMON3B 05 6000ft
LUSIV1B 05 6000ft Non-Jet Aircraft Only
NORBO1J 05 6000ft Jet Aircraft Only
PTH4B 05 6000ft
ROBBO2B 05 6000ft
TLA6B 05 6000ft NON-JET Aircraft Only
TRN6B 05 6000ft NON-JET Aircraft Only
Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
Identifier Initial Fix
AGPED1G Arrival via (U)L602 to HAVEN continue on TLA VOR R103 to TLA VOR then turn right onto TLA VOR R304 to LANAK.
BLACA1G Arrival via P600 to BLACA continue on TRN VOR R211 to TRN VOR. Aircraft maybe tactically routed towards LANAK from TRN.
ERSON1G Arrival via N560 and continue on GOW VOR R011 to FOYLE then GOW VOR
GLW1E Arrival via P600 to PTH VOR continue on PTH VOR R219 to GRICE then turn right onto GLW NDB(L) 236° to GLW NDB (L).
GOW1A Arrival via N580, Y958 to FYNER. Establish on GOW VOR R299 to CLYDE then GOW VOR
GOW1A Arrival via N580D, W958D to FYNER. Establish on GOW VOR R299 (119°) to CLYDE then GOW VOR.
LIBBA1A It is only being use if GOW u/s.
LIBBA1D It is only being use if GOW u/s.
PTH1G Arrival via P600 to PTH VOR continue on PTH VOR R219 to GRICE then turn right onto GOW VOR R056 to STIRA.

Online Controllers
Position Controller Frequency Connected
No Controllers Online
Online Pilots
Callsign Aircraft Pilot Origin Destination Connected
No Pilots Flying Here
Stand Status
1 Free
1A Free
2 Free
3 Free
4 Free
5 Free
6 Free
6A Free
7 Free
8 Free
9 Free
10 Free
11 Free
12 Free
14 Free
15 Free
16 Free
17 Free
18 Free
19 Free
20 Free
21 Free
22 Free
23 Free
24 Free
25 Free
26 Free
27 Free
28 Free
29 Free
30 Free
30L Free
30R Free
31 Free
32 Free
33 Free
34 Free
35 Free
36 Free
37 Free
38 Free
39 Free
61 Free
62 Free
63 Free
64 Free
65 Free
81 Free
82 Free