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Edinburgh Airport is located at Turnhouse in the City of Edinburgh, Scotland, and was the busiest airport in Scotland in 2010, handling just under 8.6 million passengers in that year, over 3 million more than its population. It was also the sixth busiest airport in the UK by passengers and the fifth busiest by aircraft movements. It is located 5 nautical miles west of the city centre and is situated just off the M8 motorway.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Edinburgh
Latitude 55.95000076
Longitude -3.37249994
Elevation 135 ft

Aircraft departing via GOSAM or TLA are reminded that the initial alitude is 6000ft. Aircraft are to expect en-route climb from "Scottish Control", on departure report callsign, SID designator, current altitude and cleared altitude on first contact with 'Scottish Control'.

Aircraft are reminded that the TLA departure is non-jet only, except for aircraft routing via (U)L602 and Y96.

Inbound Aircraft other than on Airways/Advisory Routes Aircraft wishing to enter the CTR/CTA under IFR direct from the FIR must observe the normal procedure for joining Controlled Airspace.

For aircraft joining from the North or Northeast, clearance via GRICE to UW for Runway 06 or direct to EDN for Runway 24 should be anticipated. 

Pilots inbound to Edinburgh under VFR must contact Edinburgh Approach Control prior to entering the CTR/CTA and may be required by ATC to route via the published Visual Reference Points.

Inbound Aircraft on Airways/Advisory Routes Aircraft flying in the Airways or Advisory Routes System will be cleared into the CTR/CTA without having to request a specific entry clearance.

To permit aircraft to operate to and from Edinburgh Airport in IMC but not under IFR the following entry/exit lanes have been established for use, under the conditions stated, as follows:

  1. A lane 3 nm wide, known as the Polmont Lane, with centre-line the M9 Motorway extending from Grangemouth (near the western boundary of the Edinburgh Control Zone) eastwards, via the Polmont Roundabout, Linlithgow Loch and Philpstoun to a point at which it joins the Edinburgh Aerodrome Traffic Zone
  2. A lane 3 nm wide, known as the Kelty Lane, with centre-line the M90 Motorway extending from Kelty (near the northern boundary of the Edinburgh Control Zone) southwards, across the Forth Road Bridge, to a point at which it joins the Edinburgh Aerodrome Traffic Zone; Aircraft using the lanes must remain clear of cloud and in sight of the ground or water, not above 2000 ft (Edinburgh QNH), and in flight visibility of not less than 3 km; an aircraft using a lane shall keep the centre-line on its left, unless otherwise instructed by ATC for separation purposes. In these circumstances ATC will pass traffic information to the aircraft concerned;


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