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Glasgow Prestwick Airport is an International airfield serving the greater Glasgow area, located 1 NM to the northeast of the town of Prestwick and 32 NM southwest from Glasgow City Centre.

Prestwick is Scotlands largest airfield in terms of physical characteristics and ranks 4th behind Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen in terms of passenger numbers.

The airfield is one of 42 bases throughout the Ryanair network, the airfields largest operator.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Prestwick
Latitude 55.50939941
Longitude -4.58666992
Elevation 65 ft

Where possible ATC shall facilitate arrival and departure from any runway other than the duty runway at Pilots request, when the surface wind does not exceed 10 knots.

On departure aircraft are to report Callsign, SID Designator, Passing Altitude and Cleared Altitude/Level on first contact with "Scottish Control"

All standard instrument departures climb initially to altitude 6,000ft.

Aircraft departing Glasgow- Prestwick via the Standard Instrument Departures TRN and NGY should plan as follows:

  • via (U)P600 - TRN
  • via N560 - TRN
  • via (U)N580 - TRN
  • via (U)N615 Northbound - TRN
  • via (U)N615 Southbound - NGY
  • via (U)L602 - NGY to TLA
  • via UL983 - NGY to SAB

Aircraft departing Glasgow-Prestwick via one of the following routes should plan via the following Reporting Points:

  • via N552D/N562D - HERON
  • via W958D - FULMA FIR West
  • via FULMA or HERON

Aircraft inbound to Glasgow Prestwick from the south and southeast via the (U)N601/N590 should plan via the TRN1D Standard Arrival Routing (MARGO-BAGPO-TRN). When runway 31 is the active, pilots can expect to be tacitcally routed to REP SUMIN by "Scottish Control".

Aircraft inbound to Glasgow Prestwick from the Southwest via the (U)P600 should plan via the TRN1C Standard Arrival Routing (BLACA P600 TRN).

Aircraft inound from the North and Northeast via (U)P600 can expect to be given a direct routing towards TRN VOR or REP SUMIN by Scottish AC or transfered to Glagow APC for transit of Glasgow Controlled Airspace.

Aircraft inbound from the East via (U)L602 shall be tactically routed to TRN VOR or REP SUMIN by Scottish AC.

Pilots should expect descend to the FL equivelant of altitude 7,000ft by the holding fix. Aircraft may be radar vectored away from the Standard Arrival Routes to facilitate an orderly and expedious traffic flow. Aircraft inbound from the West or Northwest via N552D/N562D/W958D or the FIR can expect to be given a direct routing towards TRN VOR by Scottish AC.

VFR Flights

VFR flights within the Control Zone will be given routing instructions and/or altitude restrictions in order to integrate VFR flights with other traffic.

Pilots should anticipate routing instructions via the routes detailed below or the Visual Reference Points listed.

Pilots of VFR flights are required to remain in VMC at all times and to comply with the relevant Low Flying Rules, and must advise ATC if at any times they are unable to comply with the instructions given.

SVFR Flights

Clearance may be requested for Special VFR flight in IMC or at night within the Prestwick Control Zone and will be given whenever the traffic situation permits. These flights are subject to the general provisions laid down for Special VFR flights.

Special VFR clearances will include routing and maximum altitude instructions and may not necessarily be confined to the entry/exit lanes detailed below.

Pilots are reminded that they must at all times, when operating on a Special VFR clearance, remain clear of cloud and in sight of the surface and in flight conditions which will enable them to determine their flight path and keep clear of obstacles.

Due to the nature of the terrain in the vicinity of Prestwick Airport, radar vectoring will not normally be applied to aircraft operating in accordance with a Special VFR clearance.

Pilots are reminded that a Special VFR clearance applies only to flight within the Prestwick Control Zone and does not extend to flight within the surrounding airspace of the Prestwick Control Area or Scottish Terminal Control Area. Special VFR clearances will not normally be granted for flights operating in VMC or for flights by aircraft exceeding 5700 kg MTWA.

Entry/Exit Lanes

The following entry/exit lanes are established to permit aircraft to operate to and from Prestwick Airport in IMC, as follows:

  1. A lane 3 nm wide, with centreline from Irvine Harbour 553639N 0044155W (a point on the northern Prestwick CTR boundary), thence southeast along the coast to Barassie, then along the railway line to the point at which it joins the Prestwick Aerodrome Traffic Zone.
  2. A lane 3 nm wide, with centre-line from Doonfoot 552625N 0043903W (a point on the southern Prestwick CTR boundary), thence northeast along the coast to the point at which it joins the Prestwick Aerodrome Traffic Zone.

Use of the lanes is subject to clearance by Prestwick ATC and the carriage of the Prestwick Approach Control frequency.

Aircraft using the lanes must remain clear of cloud and in sight of the surface, not above 3000 ft (Prestwick QNH), and in flight visibility of not less than 3 km.

An aircraft using a lane shall keep the centre-line on its left, unless otherwise instructed by ATC for separation purposes. In these circumstances ATC will pass traffic information to the aircraft concerned.

Pilots of aircraft are responsible for maintaining adequate clearance from the surface or other obstacles.

Additionally, to permit the effective integration of traffic, flights operating under VFR may be required by ATC to follow these routes.


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