Stornoway EGPO SYY
Stornoway Airport is an airfield located 2 NM east of the burgh of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. The Royal Air Force maintained a base at the site of the airport until 1998.

The airfield was first opened in 1937, and used mainly for military purposes. NATO aircraft used the airport for missions over the North Atlantic and for stop overs to Greenland and the United States.
Current METAR
Key Details
Name Stornoway
Latitude 58.21559906
Longitude -6.33111
Elevation 26 ft

Navigation Aids
Type Identifier Frequency
NDB SAY 431.000 KHz
ILS RWY36 I-SOY 110.900 MHz
ILS RWY18 I-STW 110.900 MHz
VOR/DME STN 115.100 MHz
Runway Mag. Bearing Dimensions Surface Type
18 180° 2315m x 46m Asphalt
36 360° 2315m x 46m Asphalt
24 245° 1000m x 23m Asphalt
06 065° 1000m x 23m Asphalt
ATC Stations
Callsign Name Frequency
EGPO_TWR Stornoway Tower/Approach 123.500

Online Controllers
Position Controller Frequency Connected
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Online Pilots
Callsign Aircraft Pilot Origin Destination Connected
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