RAF Brize Norton EGVN BZZ
RAF Brize Norton is the RAF's Air Transport hub as well as largest station of the Royal Air Force. It plays host to the Following Flying Squadrons:

No. 10 Squadron - Voyager KC2
No. 24 Squadron - Hercules C4 & C5
No. 30 Squadron - Hercules C4 & C5
No. 47 Squadron - Hercules C1, C3, C4 & C5
No. 99 Squadron - C-17 Globemaster
No. 101 Squadron - VC10 C1(K), K3 & K4
No. 216 Squadron - TriStar K1, KC1 & C2/C2A
Current METAR
Key Details
Name RAF Brize Norton
Latitude 51.75000000
Longitude -1.58362000
Elevation 288 ft

All IFR Airways departures will route initially via the OSGOD SID.

All Arrivals route to the BZN unless otherwise instructed. 

Brize Radar Provides a LARS Service upto 60nm from the airfield. 

Additional Information


Preferred Runway
  • Runway 26 is the preferred Runway, unless the tailwind component exceeds 5kt, or unless the pilot requests otherwise.
Noise Abatement 
  • All Aircraft using the OSGOD SID are to use Noise Abatement techniques for Aircraft type until:
    • Above 3000 QFE, or
    • Past OSGOD (BZN 285R/12d).
Squawk Codes
  • ​3701 - 3736
  • Conspicuity: 3737 


Navigation Aids
Type Identifier Frequency
TACAN BZN 111.900 MHz
Runway Mag. Bearing Dimensions Surface Type
08 076° 3050m x 56m Asphalt
26 256° 3050m x 56m Asphalt
ATC Stations
Callsign Name Frequency
EGVN_APP Brize Approach 127.250
EGVN_P_APP Brize Talkdown 126.500
EGVN_R_APP Brize Director 133.750
EGVN_F_APP Brize Director 133.750
EGVN_L_APP Brize Director 124.270
EGVN_TWR Brize Tower 123.720
EGVN_GND Brize Ground 121.720
EGVN_ATIS Brize Information 130.070
Standard Instrument Departures
Identifier Runway Initial Altitude
ALPHA 26 150000ft Climb on Runway Track to 1500ft QFE
BRAVO 26 250000ft Climb on Runway Track to 2500ft QFE

Online Controllers
Position Controller Frequency Connected
No Controllers Online
Online Pilots
Callsign Aircraft Pilot Origin Destination Connected
No Pilots Flying Here