Terms & Conditions

VATSIM and VATSIM UK have a goal of providing an online environment which serves the needs of the flight simulation and virtual air traffic control community. Whilst maintaining the network, we also provide somewhere for you to have a chance to make friends all across the world or generally unwind with other people who share the same passion as you.

The rules outlined below offer guidance for using the VATSIM UK systems. These rules are here as a concrete framework which members of the community should conform to whilst participating. These rules not only protect the members of this community from malicious abuse or annoyances, but also it protects them from over moderation.

In addition to this, VATSIM UK reserve the right to carry out any actions deemed necessary to enforce these terms and conditions. Examples are (but not limited to) closing and/or deleting any thread, post, and/or signature that is deemed unacceptable for any reason, regardless of whether the specific violation is listed in the terms and conditions.

Any member that is unsure of whether their actions would breach the Terms and Conditions, should use caution and consider whether a different approach would be appropriate.

Whilst the Community department do their best to ensure that the public use of our systems is a constructive and safe medium, it is unrealistic to think we are able to vet 100% of all content posted. Therefore if you believe anything to be in violation of any of the Terms & Conditions, please use the appropriate reporting tools to bring it to our attention.

Any questions or appeals relating to moderation, should be addressed towards the Community department by raising a ticket via the helpdesk within 5 days to: Community (Membership) > Moderation & Appeals

1 Requirements

1.1 All communication which takes place on the VATSIM UK services is governed by the rules set forth in the VATSIM User Agreement, Articles 3.1 sections A and B, which may be viewed at http://www.vatsim.net

1.2 Administrators, Moderators and Network Supervisors are designated individuals to enforce the terms outlined herein. Administrators and Moderators are appointed and removed at the sole discretion of the UK Staff team and decisions regarding appoints/removals are non-discussable with members. Network Supervisors are appointed centrally by VATGOV11 (Vice President of Network Supervisors).

Every member of VATSIM is governed by the Terms and Conditions, regardless of any position or status they may hold.

1.2.1 Network Supervisors are empowered to enforce these terms on our community forum and teamspeak server.

1.3 TeamSpeak - Any verbal or written message via the channel or private message (PM) that is believed to be in breach of the Terms and Conditions, should be brought to the attention of the Community department by raising a ticket to the helpdesk Community (Membership) > Moderation & Appeals queue. Members that take matters into their own hands will be treated accordingly and may themselves be subject to moderation.

1.4 The Forum - Any forum thread or post that is believed to be in breach of the VATSIM UK Systems Terms and Conditions should be reported via the “Report Topic/post” icon. Members that take matters into their own hands will be treated accordingly and may themselves be subject to moderation.

1.5 Members are asked to avoid posting defamatory comments about specific individuals on any VATSIM UK services. There are ways and means of dealing with these problems and publicly slandering the individuals concerned is not the correct way. Any member found to be doing this will be disciplined as outlined in the group 3 offences section of these terms and conditions.

1.6 When a thread/post/signature/member is considered to be in breach of the terms and conditions, a moderator will, in the first instance, remove the offending content. In the case of a thread/post being removed, a message will be left with either a written reason from the moderator explaining the removal or the Terms & Conditions clause that has been broken will be put in its place. Where content has merely been removed in this way, without further disciplinary action being taken, there is no right to appeal, although all moderation carried out is subject to on-going review by the VATSIM UK team.

1.7 Where a member has repeatedly broken the Terms & Conditions intentionally, they may have their access to the forums removed for a specific amount of time. In this instance, the member will be notified by email informing them of the reasons for removal.

If a member feels that disciplinary action brought upon themselves was unfair or unjust, they may appeal to the Community department within 5 days of the disciplinary action occurring by raising a ticket via the following helpdesk queue: Community (Membership) > Moderation & Appeals

A member must be notified of the outcome of their appeal within 5 days of the appeal being submitted. Once an outcome has been given and the member notified, there is no further right to appeal and the decision of the appeal is final. Public discussion of any appeals is an automatic right for removal as outlined in the group 3 offences section.

1.8 VATSIM UK reserves the right to modify and change the terms and conditions at any point without prior warning. Members will be notified when a change to the Terms and Conditions occurs.

2. Group 1 – Minor Offences (Unintentional) 

All offences listed below are generally committed unintentionally. However continued breaches of any offences in this group may result in a period of suspension from UK Services.

2.1 FORUM: Multiple / Duplicate Postings 
All new threads belong somewhere. Therefore, when starting a new thread, decide which forum it is best suited in and post it there and only there. If after posting a topic you believe it is better suited elsewhere, simply use the “report topic/post” icon and request that a moderator moves your topic to the more appropriate forum. By following this guideline, you can help to keep our forums clean & tidy and ensure that we do not waste our donated resources on provide a forum full of duplicate topics. Any announcements from staff are excluded from this rule.

2.2 FORUM: Excessive Signature Content
Whilst we encourage members to add a personal flair to their accounts by having a custom signature in which they can express themselves; we ask that members ensure they exceed no more than 4 lines of text. A member’s signature will be removed entirely if in breach of this rule.

2.3 FORUM: Oversized/Excessive Signature Images
In addition the limit on the number of lines allowed in a signature, members are asked to ensure that when placing images in their signature, they do not exceed a cumulative width of 450 pixels and a cumulative height of 160 pixels. A member’s signature will be removed entirely if in breach of this rule.

2.4 FORUM: Screenshots and Images
Some members may be browsing from a connection allowing limited data usage, or using a mobile device, threads containing large images or a large number of images should be labelled '[Photos]', '[Screenshots]' or '[Images]', unless they are posted in the dedicated 'Screenshots and Images' forum.

2.5 Swearing (VERBAL)
Crude, Rude or Socially Unacceptable Verbal Language. The VATSIM UK Services are here in order to provide a place for members of this network to come together and communicate. Members of VATSIM vary in ages as low as 13 and therefore TeamSpeak should be free of profanity and vulgar language – however if the offense is a fleeting verbal use of unacceptable language you may be subject to this term. If you post (WRITE) unacceptable language (or links containing such content) in the channel/via PM you will be subject to term 4.1.

3. Group 2 – Advertising and Spamming

VATSIM UK wishes to remain impartial towards other organisations and companies. Therefore, members are asked to follow the terms outlined below in regards to advertising and spamming using UK Services.

3.1 Virtual Airlines
Promotion of virtual airlines or similar organisations is prohibited. This includes advertising staff positions, recruiting pilots, posting press releases or attempting to raise the general awareness of said organisation. Links to virtual airlines in signatures will be accepted however discretion should be used. This excludes forum posts within the Events forum and associated sub-forums and small advertisements in forum signatures.

3.2 Products for Sale
Members are not permitted to post links to products or direct advertisements of products for which they are profiting in anyway. We are more than happy for members to discuss what hardware to buy, or what add-ons look good and so on, but this isn’t an auction site!

3.3 Spamming
Posting spam using any VATSIM UK services is strictly prohibited. Spamming is considered the posting of unwanted or unhelpful topics on a continual basis in order to advertise items for sale or forcefully put ones point across.

4. Group 3 Offences – Major Offences

All users of VATSIM UK services have the right to be able to participate without feeling victimised or scrutinised by other members.

These offences may result in your account being suspended/terminated as determined by a network supervisor.

4.1 Crude, Rude or Socially Unacceptable Language 
This type of language will not be tolerated while using the VATSIM UK Services. The VATSIM UK Services are here in order to provide a place for members of this network to come together and communicate. Members of VATSIM vary in ages as low as 13 and therefore our services should be free of profanity and vulgar language – this includes posting links to images/videos that contain this type of language.

When using UK services, the profanity filter will attempt to remove these kinds of words from posts; however any attempt to bypass the filter will be treated as a breach of this term.

4.2 Inflammatory and/or Irrelevant Posts
VATSIM UK does not wish to discourage healthy debate and discussion while using VATSIM UK services, however any communication that is made with the intent of arguing or “debating” in a defamatory, inflammatory and non-productive manner will not be tolerated.

4.3 Sexually Explicit Material or Language
It is considered unacceptable to post images/videos or links to websites that contain sexually explicit material aimed at those 18 and over while using any VATSIM UK services, including the use of sexually explicit language (verbal/written).

When using UK services, the profanity filter will attempt to remove these kinds of words from posts; however any attempt to bypass the filter will be treated as a breach of this term.

5. Group 4 Offences - Computer Misuse

Offences committed as listed below will be subject to immediate removal with no right to appeal. The member will be reported to their ISP and prevented from accessing any VATSIM UK services indefinitely. The matter will also be passed up via the VATSIM Network Supervisor team to the Board of Governors.

5.1 Threats and Harassment
All members on this forum are entitled to use any VATSIM UK service without fear of violence or being the recipient of malicious threats and harassment. Therefore, any member found to be threatening or harassing another member via any medium, will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in this section.

5.2 Hacking
Any member found to be “hacking” or interfering with the operation of any of the VATSIM UK services in anyway will be subject to removal. “Hacking” is to be considered as: maliciously attempting to access any restricted areas and/or activity that interferes with the daily routine running of the of the VATSIM UK services.

For full definitions, please visit HMSO > Computer Misuse act 1990

5.3 Illegal Activities
Amongst those activities outlined above, members are not to discuss any illegal activities using any VATSIM UK Services. This includes, but is not limited to, posting cracks / hacks / serials in order to circumvent copyright protection, discussion of how to download torrents and/or pirated software, discussion of how to hack or any other illegal activity.