Branding Guidelines

The building blocks for our brand are contained on this page. While the guidelines are here to get you started, all uses of our brand must be approved by VATSIM UK.

Using Our Logo

If you leave the previous logos intact, you should be fine, but we've included a few examples anyway of what you shouldn't do.

Do not change the colours of our logo

Do not rotate or flip our logo

Do not stretch the width/height of our logo

Do not use old variations of our logo

Do not use our logo on a background which can make any element hard to see

Do not crop any part of our logo, apart from using the radar blips in conjunction with an uncropped logo

Event Banners

What To Include

Event title/logo

  • Event titles must at least be 25px in size and in a colour which makes the text clear to read.
  • The VATSIM UK logo must be clearly displayed, with a minimum width of 90px.

Event information

  • Event dates must be in the day, month format. If the space permits, the name of the day the event falls on may also be included.
  • Event airport must include the ICAO code.
  • Times must be in a 24 hour, Zulu format.

Event branding

  • Use our branding where possible (light/dark blue).
  • Use a font which is clear to read, ideally our documentation font same font. Event titles: 25px+ / Subtitle: 14px.

Example Banners

Example of a good banner

  • Uses the VATSIM UK branding colours throughout.
  • VATSIM UK logo has been used correctly (clear, correct colours, dimensions haven't been changed...).
  • Event text is clear and unambigious, event times are in 24hr format and in zulu.
  • The airport's ICAO has been used.

Example of a poor banner

  • Background image is poor and does not compliment text.
  • Several fonts and sizes have been used.
  • VATSIM UK logo is not in an acceptable form, there is hardly any margin spacing.
  • Times are ambiguous, is this event running in the morning or afternoon and is it in Zulu time?

Posting an event on our forum?

  Branding Bank

Approved Logos


  • Headers use Alegre Sans - Download
  • All other content should use DIN 1451 Mittelschrift - Download

Colour Palette

  • HEX 25ADE3
  • RGB 37 / 173 / 227
  • HSV 197 / 83 / 89

  • HEX 17375E
  • RGB 23 / 55 / 94
  • HSV 212 / 75 / 36